Joshua D. Naggar, J.D.

Attorney at Law

Joshua D. Naggar
Joshua D. Naggar, J.D.

Legal representation is a relationship based on integrity and trust; you will experience my integrity, and I will earn your trust.

As a business owner, professional, or private investor you want a lawyer who knows how to evaluate legal issues and affect cost efficient smart solutions. If your business activities generate legal questions or issues, and you need someone you can call when those questions need to be answered or those issues resolved, then I am your attorney. Ultimately, your business exists in a fast-paced evolving economy, and your legal counsel must be enrolled in your success, a phone call away, and sensitive to your profit model.

You are never alone when you have good counsel.

The words talk to my attorneyhave power when spoken with the confidence that your counsel delivers results, consequently, my business card will become both your sword and your shield.

Areas of Practice

Los Angeles • San Diego • San Bernardino • Riverside

Real Estate

Those familiar with the real estate industry know there are always legal activities occurring which can detract from the overall operating efficiency of a. real estate brokerage, property management firm, or individual investment portfolio. I can help restore

Civil Litigation

American Dream is in full bloom, and you deserve competent and efficient small business friendly counsel who respects and appreciates what you have created. Think you can’t afford effective and competent legal counsel? Call me, I respect your